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Who will care for your child while you are working during the day?  Choosing the right day care facility could be one of the most important decisions you make for your child.  Make sure to do plenty of research and visit each facility to make sure both you and your child feell comfortable.  Below you will find a listing of full and part time child care and day care solutions in Flower Mound and Highland Village.

Drop-in child care is a great alternative to traditional day care when you need care for your children on more spontaneous situations.  It provides a safe environment for children to play and have fun, while giving parents the flexibility to go to their own doctors appointments, errands, or just relax!  Most facilities can also provide meals and/or snacks and charge hourly rates per child.  Below you will find a listing of drop-in part-time day care solutions for Flower Mound, Highland Village and Double Oak, TX.  Tell them Flower Mound Family sent you!

Kids R Kids Flower Mound Childcare

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Center
1230 Flower Mound Road
Flower Mound, TX 75028


Full-time/Part-time Child Care Centers
Children’s Courtyard – Flower Mound, Forest Vista – 972.355.2118
Children’s Courtyard – Flower Mound, Garden Ridge Rd. – 972.724.2416  *see our listing above!
Children’s Courtyard – Flower Mound, Morriss Rd – 972.539.1764
Children’s Courtyard – Flower Mound Rd – 972.724.0732
Kiddie Kollege Child Care – Flower Mound – 972.245.7331
Kid’s Kingdom Christian Child Care – Flower Mound – 972.355.3163
Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Center – Flower Mound 972.695.9562 *see our listing above!
Legacy Learning Center – Flower Mound – 972.539.0359
Merryhill School – Flower Mound – 972.317.1122
Montessori Rainbow School – Flower Mound – 972.539.9333
Primrose Schools – Flower Mound – 972.691.3815
Primrose Schools – Highland Village – 972.317.9332
YMCA of Lewisville – Flower Mound – 972.539.9622
Drop-in Day Care Centers
Adventure Kids – Flower Mound – 972.899.2060
Adventure Kids – Highland Village – 972.317.4158
Excite Gym & Cheer Parents Night Out - Highland Village – 972.874.8500
Kiddin’ Around – Highland Village – 972.317.1343
WinKids Parents Night Out – 972.355.9988

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