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February 21, 2012 by FloMoDiva  
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Buff up your Brain with LearningRx in Flower MoundEvery day we acquire knowledge, understand & analyze, innovate & create, remember what we’ve learned, and make connections to information we’ve obtained. The question is, is it possible to increase IQ so we can do these things faster and easier than before? After taking an in-depth look at what’s happening with current neurobiological and cognitive research, Newsweek researchers reported that IQ can indeed be increased “by a staggering 21 points.” The article reports that the increase can be obtained, with work, over a four year period.

We have great news, our very own locally owned an operated LearningRx Brain Training programs enable students to average a 15- to 20-point increase in 12 to 32 weeks! As one cognitive scientist explained, 20 points is a “huge difference,” and can take someone from “below average” to “average,” or from “average” to “gifted.” Even more interesting, researchers concluded that changes in IQ are linked to measurable physical changes in the brain. Read the Newsweek story here: Buff Your Brain.

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