The New Show at Medieval Times is Fun for the Whole Family!

November 14, 2011 by FloMoDiva  
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Medieval Times in Dallas, TXLast Sunday, we were invited by the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Dallas to see their all new dinner and show.  Having never been to the show before, I thought it would be a great activity to try together as a family.  I have to admit, I was also a bit leery at first, since the most jousting our 2 very “girly girl” daughters ages 5 and 8, have seen was on Barbie and the Three Musceteers.  Daring for a new adventure, my husband and I were excited to see the show, so we packed up and headed to Dallas at 3:45pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Medieval Times DallasWe arrived at the castle about 4:15pm for the 5pm Dinner and Show (the doors open 90 minutes before the show).  After checking in and receiving our crowns and seat assignments with one of six of the Knights of the Realm (we were in the Green Knight’s section), our girls were ready to find the horses and the princess hats.  One our way in, we are directed to a posed photo opportunity with the Royal Falconer and his mighty bird (which later will take flight right over our heads).   Later in the evening you will be presented with this photo in a keepsake portfolio for $20.  A second optional photo station offers costumesand various backgrounds to choose from.  We had one taker in our family, so my oldest daughter and I sported medieval costumes and posed for the camera. 

Medieval Times DallasNext, we walked into the “lobby” of the castle.  Two full service bars, one on each end, are open for adult beverages of your choice and lemonade or soft drinks for the kids.  Special note: only tea and Pepsi are available inside the arena.  If your kids will want something else, make sure you get it ahead of time and bring inside with you, although our very helpful “wench” (medieval for waitress) got some ice water for our girls.  In the lobby, you can see a few of the horses in stables with glass windows, medieval suits of armor, royal thrones and plenty of souvenirs.   Having the two princesses with us, of course, we ended up with a princess hat ($19.95), light up crown ($10) and a small stuffed horse ($8.95).  No worries for the boys, there were plenty of swords, shields and other “knight-like” paraphernalia at varying prices.  About 15 minutes before the show starts, there are a few entertaining acts before they call you into the arena by color sections.  By this time, it’s pretty crowded in the lobby and we were all anxious to get to our seats.

Medieval Times - The Green KnightWe were welcomed as “royal guests” in the halls of his Majesty the King, and led to our seats in the Green Knight’s realm.  Our ticket included the “Royalty Upgrade”, so we were seated on the front row and received a green banner to cheer him on in his medieval games, a commemorative program and a behind the scences DVD to watch at home.  Our “wench” (aka, waitress in modern times), started bringing out our dinner courses as the show began.  This would be a good time to point out that there is no silverware at this feast.  Everything is eaten with your fingers, which both daughters thought was pretty cool.  The NEW, upgraded menu included:  tomato bisque soup and focaccia bread with olive oil and seasoning.  Dipping her bread in the soup (which you had to drink out of the bowl) was our 5 year old’s favorite part of the meal, she says.  Next was the main course with a very large portion of oven roasted chicken, a large spare rib, herb basted potato split into two pieces and apple strudel for dessert.  The drinks, tea or Pepsi, are served in take home souvenir cups.  Everybody thought the food was great and we were all very sufficiently stuffed when we left the castle that evening.

The horses at Medieval TimesThe show and narration begins with a beautiful white Andalusian horse, the preferred mounts of knights and royalty in the 11th century.  Next, the King himself comes in and introduces us to his daughter, the royal princess.  Bingo…our girls are mesmerized.  And so begins an action packed show of non-stop pageantry, falconry and medieval games of skill and jousting.  The new show has been two years in the making and includes new costumes for both the two-legged and four-legged stars, new music, lighting and a new story that general manager of the Dallas Castle, Pedro Goite says, “will give our guests a one-of-a-kind experience that will keep first-time visitors and returning fans on the edge of their All NEW Show at the Medieval Times in Dallasseats.”  Several times throughout the show our galiant knight came out with a handful of flowers that he tossed to the crowd.  Both of our girls were lucky enough to catch one and you should have seen the smiles on their faces.  Of course all of the men and boys love the fighting and jousting, so I’m not sure if this is an intentional move by MET to include the little girls in the show, but it certainly worked for ours.  Those flowers were gold!  Each knight also gives away a “Queen of Love and Beauty” ribbon to someone in their section.  Thank you, green knight, for choosing our oldest daughter for that honor.  She was definitely a bit smitten by our galiant green knight on the drive home and the ribbon is sure to hold longtime memories of that night.

Medieval Times in DallasSo there we have it…two princess and two parents had a fabulous evening at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Dallas.  The new show is extremely entertaining for men, women, boys AND girls, and the upgraded menu is scrumptious.   Thank you, Medieval Times, for treating us to an unforgettable adventure in the 11th century.  I think our 5 year old summed it up perfectly before her eyelids fell shut on the ride home, “Mommy…I REALLY want to go there again sometime…zzzzzzzzzzzz…”.    We’ll be seeing you again, Knights of the Realm.

If you think your family will love Medieval Times as much as ours did, guests can purchase tickets at the door, online at, or by calling 1-888-WE-JOUST.  For show times, visit

Ticket Prices are as follows:

Special 2011 Introductory Rates (for a limited time)
ADULT: $58.95  $44.95 (+tax & processing fee)
CHILD 12 YEARS & UNDER: $35.95 $29.95 (+tax & processing fee)
Children under 3 are free, IF they sit on an adults lap and share the plate.
Gratuities are not included.

Disclaimer:  Yes, the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament provided our tickets to this dinner and show, but all of the opinions in this story are solely my own…good or bad!   Tell us your comments below, if you have been to the show.


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