Thank you, our brave soldiers. A Memorial Page for our heroes

May 30, 2016 by FloMoDiva  
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Thank you to our Veterans and those currently serving...

In honor of  Memorial Day, to remember and support all who have fought for our freedom, both before us and now, we have compiled this list from our readers of our loved ones who have, or are currently serving, in our military.  This is a permanent list, so we may remember and honor… If you have a name that you would like added to this list, just comment below the post and we will add it for you.

Thank you, our brave soldiers. 
How can we ever repay?

Their courage deems utmost respect
Their mission clear, our way protect

It’s sure to each what they must to
No give or take, keep freedom true

With the grand old flag, they’ll unite
Whenever they must, march to fight

A life we know counts hard on them
Without their ranks, hellish problem

If our Armed Forces ceased to be
How long could we survive as free

Let’s well realize the truthful score
We need our troops just like before

Boils down to this, words to engrave
Land of The Free, Due to The Brave

God Bless each one for being there
Their loved ones too, unending care

Hope born from love touches the will
Do back them strong, means to fulfill

Americans – Who Serve To Give
One Nation – Under God We Live

Roger J. Robicheau

William Kramer (Uncle) - Air Force – WWII
Robert Kramer (Uncle) – Army – WWII
Roy Johnson (Grandfather) – Korean War
Haven Noble (Father) – Marines
Tony Bujnowski (Grandfather) – Army – WW2
Jerry Wilson (Father) – Green Beret – Vietnam
Jack Kerstetter (Father) – Army – Vietnam
Dennis Fink (Father) – Army – Vietnam
Robert Berkland (Father) – Air Force – Vietnam
Rodney Robinson (Uncle) – Air Force – Vietnam
James Robinson (Grandfather) – WWII
James Gunn (Grandfather) – WWII
Jeff Pope (Grandson) – Army – Iraq
Chase Pope (Grandson) – Army – Currently serving
Mathew Wach (Husband) – Army – Iraq
Chad Trenary – Army – Currently serving
LE Frasier (Grandfather) – WWII
Burney Witherspoon (Grandfather) – WWII
Keith Frazier (Uncle) – Vietnam
Brandon Bates (Brother) – Army
Tom Caddy (Husband) – Air Force
Robert Anthony Callanan (Father) – Air Force
Lon Tibbatts (Husband) – Army
Ryan Gifford (Brother) – Army
Tyler Johnson – Army, Iraq
Tom L. Jones (Husband) – Army – Vietnam

If you have a veteran or current serviceman or woman that you would like added to this list, please leave a comment below and we will add their name to our list.


2 Responses to “Thank you, our brave soldiers. A Memorial Page for our heroes”
  1. Jackie jones says:

    Please add my husband to the Veteran list for Flower Mound.
    Tom L. Jones, army, Vietnam

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    Tyler Johnson – Army – Iraq

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