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Paige Boutilier There is a Flower Mound family that needs our help.  One of the things I love about living in Flower Mound is the overwhelming sense of community.  When there is a need, we will stand up and fight for what we believe in or help our neighbors, whether it’s for safer gas drilling, keeping our roadways safe for our children, or helping a 7 year old little girl win the battle of her life…for the second time.

We’d like you to meet Paige Boutilier.  Pictured with her twin sister, she looks like any other 7 year old from Donald Elementary.   And she is…accept for one major detail…she is fighting a very rare form of cancer known as Acute T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)…for the second time in her short life.  You see, Paige was diagnosed with this cancer shortly after her 4th birthday.  She spent 2 long years going through chemotherapy and other very painful procedures to rid her body of this devastating disease.  And she suceeded!   Last April, she finished her treatments and was in remission…she was cancer-free.

Sadly, the celebration was short lived.  While vacationing in Maine in August of this year,  Paige lost movement in the right side of her face.  Fearing the worst, her parents rushed her to the hospital where extensive tests were performed.  Their unthinkable nightmare was confirmed.  Paige’s cancer was back.  This time it had settled in her brain and central nervous system. There are only 6 other comparable cases in the world where a child’s cancer has comeback like Paige’s.

Paige is now courageously into the SECOND battle of her lifetime.  As you can imagine, due to the rising healthcare costs, the Boutiliers were still working to pay off medical bills from the first round of treatments.  Now that they will be starting all over again, the financial hardship on the family is extraordinary.  This is where we, as a community, can help the family.  We may not be able to help little Paige with her personal battle.  That will be solely up to her.  But what we can do is offer our financial support to the family to help take some of the burden of healthcare costs off of their plate so they can put 100% of their heart and souls into helping Paige win this battle. 

This disease is devastating to the entire family.  During the treatment time over the next two years, they should be able to be a family, enjoy each other as much as possible, and support Paige while she beats this horrific disease one more time.  They don’t need to worry about how the bills will get paid.  

At, we are going to keep you posted on ways that you can help by listing fundraisers and other activities to help with this plight.

Piggy Bank at Best Gymnastics1.  When you are visiting your favorite businesses around town, you may see the cutest little yellow and white polka dotted piggy banks.  These piggies are very hungry and would love to eat up all your loose change that’s weighing down your purse!  For a list of locations of the Piggy Banks, visit the Piggy Page on Paige’s website. 

2.  You can also support Pennies for Paige at the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction, on December 2nd at Royal Affairsin Lewisville.  Great food, wine and a silent auction with some wonderful items up for bidding.You can buy your tickets online.

3.  If you would like to make a donation by check or credit card to Pennies for Paige, you can do it on their website.  Donate Here.

For more information, please visit:

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