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State-of-the-Art Montessori Academy in Flower Mound!  Call today to set up a tour of this amazing facility.
Wonderland Montessori Academy Flower Mound

3701 Auburn Drive
Flower Mound


Voted “Best New Montessori School” in Flower Mound
by North Texas Kids Magazine

Named “Best State of the Art School”
by Cross Timbers Gazette

A note from the Director, Heather Cole, M.Ed.:

Preschool education is intended on being the foundation of a young child’s education.  It is extremely common for parents to have a growing concern about their child’s education from quite an early age.  Preschool helps children learn new concepts, build lasting social skills and enjoy their younger years.

Children that are enrolled in preschool have an overall advantage when they finally get to the elementary school stage.  In the younger years, children adapt quickly and are able to actively participate as well as adjust to a structured atmosphere.  They have not only the introductory education but they also know and understand the notion behind how a classroom and a school functions.

It is important to find a school that has a nurturing environment as well as a strong academic focus.  In a preschool setting, the objective should be for the child to gain knowledge in academic areas, build self-confidence and learn strong social skills.  With these core areas as goals, the children are sure to have the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Wonderland Montessori Academy is a state-of-the art facility in Flower Mound that is now enrolling new students from infant through 12 years old.  The school offers full-time and part-time programs, for infants (age 6 weeks) through 5 years old, as well as private kindergarten.  Programs are available with Full Day hours from 8am-3pm or Extended Day hours from 6:30am-6:30pm. After school Programs are also available for all ages. Wonderland Montessori Academy Flower Mound

Wonderland Montessori Academy

Wonderland Montessori Academy

Why should you choose Montessori School over a traditional preschool program?  Wonderland Montessori was founded on the methods and philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, who recognized the potential of each child to become a force for good in creating a better world for all.  The primary difference of the Montessori approach is allowing children to learn on their own while being guided by the teacher. So, you may see 6 children in a classroom all working on different projects.  The teacher assesses what the child has learned and then guides him into new areas of discovery.

Wonderland Founding Partner, Sandya George says, “Our team of educators is committed to providing a safe, informative and child driven environment.  We implement the traditional Montessori approach on basic academics including phonics, concrete mathematics, and most importantly an individualized program. We want to inspire lifelong learners and future leaders.”

What can you expect to find in this state-of-the-art facility of Wonderland Montessori Academy?

  • Large Computer Lab with new dimension technology.
  • Large Playground with 2 basketball courts and separate play areas by age group with tricyle track and new age equipment.
  • Gym/Grand Theatre
  • Security cameras in every classroom, with a central security monitor for parents to view at any time.
  • Fresh organic menu choices with focus on nutritional needs.

The curriculum includes many special subjects that other schools consider extracurricular.  Your child will learn subjects like computers, foreign language, yoga, visual arts and theatre, in addition to the fundamentals of math, science, phonics and writing.

Wonderland Montessori Academy Computer Lab

Wonderland Montessori Academy Playgrounds

The staff is certified in Montessori and early childhood development, with over 30 years of combined educational experience, while the director has 16+ years in early childhood eductation and montessori curriculum. Wonderland Montessori has several different enrollment and program choices to accomodate your desired schedule of academic learning for your child (Monday-Friday):

Wonderland Montessori Academy Programs


After School

Full Day
Extended Day
After School


6 weeks – 18 mos.
18 mos – 36 mos.
3 years – 5 years
5 years – 6 years
All Ages

8am – 3pm
6:30am – 6:30pm
8am- 12:30pm
3pm – 6:30pm

Visit Wonderland Montessori Academy TODAY for a Tour and See if Montessori is Right for Your Child!  Save 50% on your first month’s tuition.

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3701 Auburn Drive
Flower Mound


Wonderland Montessori Academy Flower Mound
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