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Mental Management Coaches in Flower Mound700 Parker Square, Ste. 140
Flower Mound, TX 75028

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Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm
Friday, 9am-3pm
Training may take place after hours or on the weekends depending on the training and instructor.

Does this sound familiar for yourself or your child?

Mental Management Systems Mental Coach Flower MoundYou are in a competitive sport or high pressure job.  You have practiced hard and mastered your skills. It’s now time to compete.  You start feeling nervous.  Your heart is beating fast and you begin to doubt your abilities. 

 It’s your turn. 

You perform and it’s not up to the same caliber as your practices. 

How can this be?  What is happening? 

Is there a way to control these nerves and perform at your best regardless of the pressure that is present?

If any of this sounds familiar, Mental Management Systems in Flower Mound may be able to help you. 

Mental Management SystemsThe Mental Management System was created by Olympic gold medalist, Lanny Bassham, in 1974.  He used this system personally to win 22 world titles, including the Olympic Gold Medal in 1976.

Mental Management, the company, was formed in 1977.  They have worked with PGA golfers, Fortune 500 companies, The US Secret Service, The Navy Seals, the US Marshals, the FBI Olympic Teams of 7 nations, World Champions, Olympic Champions and many more. 

The system can work for you too.  It is applicable to anyone in any sport or competitive environment, including business.

Mental Management Systems is located in Flower Mound and offers both one-on-one and group training to help you reach your full potential. 

Mendtal Management 3 Book ComboUnlock the secrets of Olympic Champions and discover their powerful tools to winning with this 3 book series: With Winning in Mind, Attainment – the 12 Elements of Elite Performance, and Freedom Flight.

All 3 books for just $37.  Order your Books Here.



Join one of the upcoming group sessions. Lanny Bassham is teaching these classes in Flower Mound!  There are limited spots available! 

You can attend all 4 classes over two days for less than the price of a 2 hour consult with Lanny Bassham! 

Call 972-899-9640 to register. Each class is $149 per person.  Each class will include Q & A time with the instructor!

These classes are perfect for athletes, coaches, business professionals, stage performers and parents of competitive youth.

Performance Under Pressure
March 9th – 9am-noon

  •  The Foundation of Mental Management
  • How to Use Pressure to Your Advantage
  • The Truth About Pressure
  • Not Only WHAT To Do but WHY and HOW to Manage Pressure
  • Training to Win

March 9 – 1:30pm – 4:30pm

  •  How to Maximize Your Time in Preparation
  • How to Use Proven Training Techniques Used By Champions
  • How to Evaluate and Tweak Your Mental System
  • How to Avoid Burn Out by Following Training Guidelines and Planning Your Year
  • Mastering Self-Image Change

March 10 – 9am – Noon

  •  How to Protect Your Self-Image
  • How to Eliminate Doubt, Fear and Over-Trying
  • How to Build Self-Image (understanding Self-Image Growth is the Number 1 Reason Elite Performers are Elite)
  • Goal Getting

March 10 – 1:30pm – 4:30pm

  •  The Goal Setting System Used by Champions
  • How to Set the Right Goal
  • How to Improve the Probability You Reach the Goals You Set
  • How to Overcome Obstacles that Arise as you Head to your Goal

Attend all 4 classes and save $149!

For More information or to register, call  972-899-9640 www.MentalManagement.com

Mental Management Coaches in Flower Mound

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