Should I Just Quit?

February 10, 2015 by FloMoDiva  
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Should I Just Quit?Should I Just Quit?
Written by:  Heather Sumlin, Mental Management Instructor

Recently I assisted Olympic Champion, Lanny Bassham, with a webinar where attendees submitted questions in advance and one of the questions really struck me.  “Is there ever a time where one should just quit?”  I paused as I read her question and pondered what my response might be.  Should you ever really quit on a goal? 

When I was a kid my parents would not allow us to quit something until we had fulfilled our obligation.  If we signed up for soccer we had to finish the season.  If we signed up for a competition we could not back out no matter what.  On more than one occasion this irritated me. I would see all of the benefits early on about the goal but then the pursuit of that goal became work and I would want to quit. Knowing my parents would not allow me to quit I would endure until the end of season or I would change my focus and learn to enjoy the process. I realize now that we were not allowed to quit in order to teach us that goals have stages and anything worth achieving will not come easy.

Reach your goals!There are 3 stages to a goal:

Attraction - You love the goal and see all of the benefits. This stage is exciting and fun but it doesn’t last forever.

Distraction – You can’t remember why you set this goal because all your see are the negatives, the work, the mental and physical drain seem to be more than you can bear. Quitting is likely if you stay at this stage.

Traction – You decide to let go of any temptation to focus on negative and move quickly toward becoming someone capable of achieving your goal! This is when the internal change happens and we start to see success in big ways.
When I was growing up my father always said never Give Up only TRADE UP. You can trade the goal you have now for another goal that means more to you! That is not the same as quitting because trading up means you are moving toward what you really want.


If the goal you have is important to you, instead of giving up or quitting, search deep within and determine if you are stuck in the distraction stage or if your goal is right one.

By Heather Sumlin
Mental Management Instructor

Mental Management is the premiere program to manage the mind under pressure for beginning, veteran and elite performers. Olympic Champion, Lanny Bassham, author of “With Winning in Mind” founded Mental Management in 1977 and we have been helping competitors reach their goals ever since. Their office is located right here in Flower Mound, TX.

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